Minimise compliance risk throughout your process with a secure, scalable alternative to spreadsheets and paperwork.

LinkSpace is a cloud-based data management tool originally developed for the Ministry of Defence.

Whether public or private sector, LinkSpace is a rapid solution for automating complex processes. It will optimise any business process that involves a large number of people continuously contributing to, tracking or viewing data.

The Benefits

Leverage specialist knowledge and level up all staff

LinkSpace streamlines the process of collecting and managing data from individuals across departments, countries and continents, ensuring that knowledge is seamlessly shared with the right people.

Reduce friction, frustration and fatigue with the process

We make it easy for every user to comply with the process in the way that is relevant to their role. We greatly reduce the chance of human error and enable each person to do the job they were trained to do.

Compliance confidence with central oversight

All of the data for your process is in one place, stored securely on the cloud, with full version history and audit trail. You can quickly identify gaps, obstacles, errors as they arise, and work to avoid them.

We help you solve your compliance issues by ensuring that everyone follows your standards

We ensure your process is:


Built with security in mind, highly granular controls over data access and functionality to support Role Based Access. Assured and Accredited by MoD and MoJ.


Seamless integration of technology into processes so that people can focus on delivering outcomes.


Every user update or action is recorded so that use is transparent, traceable and verifiable which supports accountability, complaince and security and data confidence.


Configuration features ensure system reflects standards and legislation using your languages, methodologies and processes so that they are effortlessly complied with.


LinkSpace is dynamically configurable. Responsive adaptation to changes and improvements needed to ensure that the system is always up to date and adding value.

How could you use LinkSpace?

Our clients use it to do such diverse things as:

Shortlist sentence options for offenders in England and Wales

Plan, budget and coordinate international Defence engagement activities

Case management for a range of Prison and Probation operational needs

Bed space and staff rota management

Action and issue management for project gateway reviews

Maintain records for and track locations of loan items

Case Study

Ministry of Defence

The MoD Head Office is responsible for the overall management and leadership of the MoD, including, strategy development; operational, financial, HR, stakeholder, risk management; communication and coordination; compliance and governance.

The Challenge

The MoD needed an alternative to spreadsheets to plan and manage international defence engagements compliant with risk and financial rules that was auditable.

The Solution

LinkSpace provides a way to make live data accessible to FCDO and MOD users around the world. It is considerably easier for them to view, update and approve activities with confidence.

The Results

LinkSpace was implemented 4 times faster than anticipated — an initial service was up and running within weeks — and it reduced the original estimated procurement cost by 90%.

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Ctrl O is a registered supplier on Digital Marketplace and is ISO27001 certified (Information Security Management).

Ctrl O was also the winner of the Outstanding Success Story category at the last annual EuroCloud Awards.