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Meeting a Colonel at London’s RAF club

Last week I had a really interesting meeting with Colonel Glynn Evans at the RAF club on Piccadilly. It’s a fascinating building steeped in history, with lots of beautiful stained glass (and of course, many pictures of airplanes).

A meeting at the MOD, a mysterious flower that has sparked legends, and a spreadsheet demonstration with a coffee and a croissant

We had a good day in the Central London sunshine this week! Our COO John Hayden jumped on a train to London early in the morning on Wednesday as he had an important meeting at the Ministry of Defence. I met him at Waterloo, and as we took a stroll across the Thames, the sunshine was glittering on the water, it was delightful. From the bridge, you could see the Ministry of Defence building, and there was a large ship in front of it, which appealed to John, with his navy connections.

Beyond Spreadsheets: Showcasing Ctrl O's LinkSpace at the Global Government Forum Innovation Event

We had a great couple of days at our Ctrl O stand at the Excel Centre, at the Global Government Forum’s Innovation fair. We didn’t think saying “fancy a chat about spreadsheets” would be a good opening gambit, but it worked an absolute treat, so we were all clearly in the right place! (Or people were very kind in humouring us, or tempted in by one of our chocolates)- in any case, we were grateful to meet so many lovely people and enjoyed it immensely!

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