Ctrl O is an independent UK
cloud software provider.

We stand for openness. Using this as our guiding principle, we use open source to build lean intelligent products that help organisations be more efficient.

Our flagship product is Linkspace, a cloud-based data management application. This software as a service (SaaS) provides a secure, flexible and unbreakable framework for capturing, sharing and protecting your data. You use it to manage a business process, linking people to data to information to actions. It’s far nimbler and more time- and cost-effective than developing bespoke software, far safer and more reliable than using spreadsheets, and far more flexible than kludging off-the-shelf applications designed for other purposes.


Analysts covering the space in which we work would call us a Low-code Platform or perhaps more fully, a Low-code Business Process Management (BPM) Platform. Yes, we fit in that space, but business stakeholders looking for safe, rapid and economical control over their management process are not using the terms. So, happy to salute Low-code BPM for completeness while looking forward to the expressions gaining wider familiarity.

We are registered suppliers on Digital Marketplace and ISO27001 certified (Information Security Management).

Ctrl O was also the winner of the Outstanding Success Story category at the last annual EuroCloud Awards.

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Linkspace. The reliable
data management application

The simple and secure way to collect and manage data across departments, countries and continents. No matter the business process or the people involved.