Deployment of LinkSpace is as flexible as the software is:

  • you can configure it yourself
  • our expert users can configure it for you
  • or a combination of both

In all cases our objective is to ensure that you have a fully functional tool that complements your process and users. We have the joint aim of training you to use our system and training ourselves to understand your business so that we can provide you with a high level of support.

A Typical Deployment Plan

Map Process

Work with our experts to clarify and confirm your process, goals, and desired outcomes. We will tailor your system to seamlessly integrate into your process, equipping you with the right tool for the job.


With LinkSpace, your prototype is a live system right out of the box. Our agile approach allows for iterative refinement, ensuring a solution that perfectly suits you and your users that can be deployed very quickly.


We provide comprehensive training, giving your lead users the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and operate LinkSpace. Standard users enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly experience and need minimal training.


We prioritise openness and accessibility. Our dedicated Ctrl O staff, have extensive system knowledge and directly support customers. You will experience exceptional support and prompt resolution to all of your enquiries and requests.

Working for the public sector?

LinkSpace can be procured by direct award from the Crown Commercial Service G-Cloud framework.

See how LinkSpace could revolutionise your business process now with a free consultation and trial.

Ctrl O is a registered supplier on Digital Marketplace and is ISO27001 certified (Information Security Management).

Ctrl O was also the winner of the Outstanding Success Story category at the last annual EuroCloud Awards.