LinkSpace is configured bespoke for your process, deployed rapidly and adapted as needed.

Finely tuned to your specific process

Support complex and one-of-a-kind processes

LinkSpace is a cost-efficient alternative to bespoke development for atypical processes

Applicable to any industry or sector

It can be used to collect and share data for any process: project management, budget, workflow

A dynamic system for agile processes

You can adapt it as your requirements or processes change without incurring additional charges or needing an entire redevelopment

Cloud-based, open source, secure

One set of live data, editable from anywhere

Cloud-based (public or private cloud) and supports mobile phones/devices

Accessed via web browser

There is no need to download or install any software

Open source

Built using open technology and open standards, there is no lock-in pitfall with signing up. We are open, accessible and transparent in all we do


We are fully compliant with UK Government standards for data security up to Official Sensitive

Direct control of user permissions and data configuration

Accommodate thousands of users

From 10 to 20,000 fixed or mobile users

Granular access control

You have complete control over user permissions at a user and data field-level, which who sees, inputs or changes (with/without approval) any data

Input validation

Through custom fields, you control over how data is captured and uploaded by your users, which ensures the integrity of your data

Audit trail

You can see who has edited your data and when with a complete version history and roll-back

User-defined data view

Unlimited capacity

LinkSpace can manage hundreds of data records to millions

One live dataset, personalised for each user

Each user can find, track and see the data that is relevant to them, in the way that is most useful for them, without changing or deleting the data

Database, calendar, timeline and synchronisation matrix views

Each user can plan and monitor progress in the way that's most natural to them

Data visualisation

Easy-to-configure graphs make large datasets clear and easier to understand

Individual notifications

Users can set alerts for specific data changes that are integral to their workflow

Red-amber-green (RAG) indicators

LinkSpace supports at-a-glance dashboards for individual user's Key Performance Indicators

See how LinkSpace could revolutionise your business process now with a free consultation and trial.

Ctrl O is a registered supplier on Digital Marketplace and is ISO27001 certified (Information Security Management).

Ctrl O was also the winner of the Outstanding Success Story category at the last annual EuroCloud Awards.