Potential use-cases

Digital transformation: linking people, data, process, information, action

Linkspace has proven to work particularly well for the public sector in part because of the unique business processes that exist in this sector. Once a process falls outside the structured data environment of (say) finance, or the ERP system, managers have usually had one of three options: one, develop a bespoke system; two, create a kludge by bending a proprietary application to serve a purpose for which it wasn’t designed; or three, deploy spreadsheets.

None of these give teams much agility. They also have the disadvantages of being expensive and time consuming to set up, maintain and modify, and they risk the integrity of the data on which you make your decisions.

Linkspace is cheaper and quicker to deploy and modify than bespoke systems, infinitely safer and more flexible than kludges or spreadsheets, and because it’s open source and open standard there’s no risk of proprietary lock-in either. Below are a few examples to demonstrate its versatility.

Part solution to bed-blocking in the NHS

A patient with special needs has to be found a suitable nursing-home place. Ad-hoc telephoning on a daily basis to 20-30 homes, recording, communicating to co-workers, family and clinical staff - the information is out-of-date as soon as typed into the spreadsheet. A patient from somewhere else takes the place. The administrative task starts over again. Repeat this daily and 100 times across the county to appreciate the scale of the problem.

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One version of the truth, transparent, standardised best practice

Linkspace is in Proof-of-Concept at a non-NHS agency which faces the same issues. A single version of the truth, where all available resources and their speciality attributes can be matched to individuals and their complex needs. Accurate, reliable, relentlessly up-to-date, highly secure with personal data only being visible to those with relevant authorisation. Where selection is approved or declined at one level, it can be routed for supervisory oversight and all actions are subject to audit trail.

Simply removing the stress of making the morning telephone-call-round where multiple independent locations are calling the same network of accommodation providers is projected to save in less than one hour the cost of the system for one month.

Elapsed time from commencement, through discovery to fully-working Proof of Concept: 2 weeks. Alpha to end of beta phase: 7 weeks. Roll-out to 1,000 users over 100 locations nation-wide: 4 weeks.


Improve G-Cloud MISO reporting

Each month thousands of suppliers registered on the Government’s Digital Marketplace submit a return detailing all transactions for the month via the Management Information System Online (MISO). The data is published under the Open Data initiative where it should provide invaluable insight into the state of health of the UK Tech market. It is evident that the system faces real challenges for the uses which are evolving quickly in step with the vision of GDS, but where MISO is not sufficiently flexible to accommodate progress. It doesn't have to be this way...

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Putting trust and confidence back into data

Linkspace could be deployed in this type of situation. A single database with real-time access to data, it could easily be configured to collect and validate all data, detect and alert administrators to anomalies, and enable output as a single standardised CSV for transfer to the main system. It could facilitate greater accuracy, quicker reporting, less administrative intervention and put trust and confidence back in the data.

Linkspace can be configured easily by in-house users with appropriate permissions to keep up with the evolving needs of the organisation and stakeholders without using costly and time-consuming external resources.


Public Sector needs can be uniquely complex

With the constant need to adapt to changing threats around the world, military sites need a robust way of managing changes to infrastructure. Requests for change can originate from many sources, cover all manner of infrastructure and need routing through a complex supply chain and an intricate commercial labyrinth. Managing this process is resource intensive, time and outcomes can be critical. The complexity of this process is unique to the military, and there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution that can manage it.

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Security by design

Linkspacecan be deployed very quickly to manage such change requests. It can be adapted as the process changes, and its ease of use and accessibility mean that all MoD departments and external organisations involved could access it securely, seeing only the information relevant to them.

The flexibility and configurability of the solution encourages business users with total familiarity of the process and evolving user needs to manage and execute their system changes. Only users with appropriate permissions may adapt the system while most individual users can be given permission to manage how they see and present data.


Keeping track of KPIs in the NHS

Throughout the NHS vital information for Key Performance Measurement is recorded over hundreds of sites. In some trusts it is input, transmitted and consolidated on spreadsheets that are intrinsically unsafe, by staff who regularly change, where instructions and practices are passed-on by word-of-mouth. Only massive anomalies "which just can't be true" are challenged. Vital decisions may be made based on data that is unsafe.

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Putting trust and confidence back into data

By using Linkspace an NHS trust could have multiple users from multiple sites add their data securely. Anomalies in the data could be instantly recognised and quickly addressed. Since Linkspace is a single database with simultaneous input, querying and reporting the data would be automatically consolidated and the necessary reports generated from a trustworthy single source.

Linkspace can hold instructions, context-sensitive hints and guides, strong validation rules for appropriate fields to help ensure data is correct at point of input. The clean, efficient user interface provides a user with only those tools, functions, views and commands needed to do the specific task. Full audit trail and roll-back are standard and new users can have their input subject to supervisory oversight for a probationary period.


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