When it’s imperative that you can trust the integrity of your data

Linkspace is a cloud-based data management application that you can use to capture, share and manage data for business processes or projects. Designed for security and granular access control, it’s simple to use yet can support complex and one-of-a-kind processes if you need it to.

Analysts may call it Low-code BPM (Business Process Management), until everyone gets familiar with what that means, we'll just tell you what it can do for you.

Collect and share data for any type of project or process

Manage workflows, projects or budgets

Accommodate from 10 to 20,000 fixed or mobile users

Handle hundreds of data records to millions

Configure in-house, deploy instantly, adapt as needed

Highly secure, granular access control, full audit trail

Who is Linkspace designed for?

Linkspace is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application designed to meet the exacting security, operational and commercial requirements of the public sector. It’s suitable if you need to:

  • find a secure, faster and more cost-effective alternative to bespoke development
  • find a flexible and unbreakable alternative to shared spreadsheets, manual data consolidation or bending off-the-shelf applications to fit your atypical purpose
  • deploy an industrial-strength, secure data management solution quickly
  • be agile in evolving your processes and the data you need to collect
  • have control over who sees, inputs or changes (with/without approval) any data
  • be confident your data is reliable and its framework always maintains its integrity.

Learn more about its key features

Key features

What that means for you

Highly configurable database and data layout options

Use it to handle the data requirements of any business process, and adapt it as your requirements change.

Cloud based (public or private cloud) and supports mobile phones/devices

Access the system from anywhere in the world via a web browser. No extra software needed.

Customisable database views for role-specific presentation of key indicators

See only the data that’s relevant to you; find and track only the data you need.

Robust input validation

Ensure the integrity of your data.

Data visualisation, including easy to configure graphs

Make large datasets clear and easier to understand.

Database, calendar, timeline and synchronisation matrix views

Plan and monitor progress in the way that's most natural to you, as an individual user.

Granular access control with permissions set at user and data field-level

Control exactly who can change and see what, even set-up approvals for (say) new users.

Red-amber-green (RAG) indicators

At-a-glance dashboards for individual user's Key Performance Indicators.

Users can set alerts and notifications of specific data change

Manage or support workflows more efficiently.

Built using open technology and open standardss

No lock-in pitfall, open, accessible, transparent.

Built securely from the ground up and penetration tested to meet the most stringent security requirements

Your data security imperatives are covered.

Complete version history and roll-back

Have a forensic audit trail available instantly.

Automatic back-up and disaster recovery

Be confident in the safety of your data

Linkspace also offers 24/7 support.


The back story

Linkspace was originally designed to meet the exacting needs of the Ministry of Defence. They needed a secure way to input, view and manipulate critical operational and financial data from over 500 locations around the world.
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How you could use Linkspace

Linkspace can be used for almost any project or business process – operational, management or administrative. Our clients use it to do such diverse things as monitor KPIs, progress and budgets on city-wide, national or global projects, maintain training or equipment records, track maintenance tasks, manage personnel rosters and communicate (real-time) availibility of special resources to accommodate people with complex needs.
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